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Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes on everything from art to business and cooking.
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Skillshare class Urban Sketching for Beginners Watercolour Sketchin 3 Steps julia henze

Learn how to create a simple watercolor urban sketch in three easy steps.

Skillshare Drawing course | Greenery in Urban Sketching for Beginners | Watercolor Class by Julia Henze

Learn the basics of drawing trees, mixing lovely natural greens, and adding lively greenery to your urban sketches.

Skillshare class with Julia Henze | Limited Color Palette: Color Theory in Practice | Urban sketching course

This class will help you understand the basics of Color Theory and apply them to your urban sketches to make them more engaging.

Skillshare class with Julia Henze | Urban Sketching for beginners - One-Point Perspective | Urban Sketching Course

Develop the skill to be able to sketch in one-point perspective.

Skillshare Drawing course | Urban Sketching for with alcohol-based markers | Quick and Easy Technique | Class by Julia Henze
Skillshare class with Julia Henze: Let's draw some doors | Proportions | Light and shadow | Colors - Urban sketching course

This is a fun beginners class where you will learn how to measure proportions, how light and shadow work, and how to choose colors for your sketch.

Skillshare Drawing course | Working with Gouache & Colored Pencils: Let's Draw Some Homes!  | Easy Urban Sketching class for beginners by Julia Henze

In this beginners class, you will learn how to paint with gouache in an easy and fun way and how to add textures to your sketch with colored pencils.

Skillshare class with Julia Henze | Urban Sketching for beginners - Two-Point Perspective | Urban Sketching Course

Learn how to use two-point perspective in your urban sketches.

Skillshare Course Drawing with alcohol-based markers | Markers 101: The Basics and Step-by-Step Sketching | Easy-to-follow class for beginners by Julia Henze

Learn a quick and easy technique and develop the skills to be able to create loose and bright urban sketches with alcohol-based markers.

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of alcohol-based markers, the basic strokes, coloring techniques, texturing, and shadowing.

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"I love Julia’s teaching, her instructions are clear she draws diagrams to help us understand the concepts, which are both artisticaly cute and informative. She issues doable challenges and demonstrates her way of working"

- Skillshare Student Abi Brown -

"This was a great introduction to a topic I have always thought of as very intimidating. Julia's explanations break down the process into simple steps that anyone can do and I'm super happy with the results. Thank you so much Julia! I'm looking forward to taking more of your classes and going further."

- Skillshare Student Cat London -



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Urban Sketching: Eye-Catching Street Corner Cafe in a Graphic Style 


Urban Sketching: Colourful Street View with Gouache and Coloured Pencils